Intruder detection systems ensure your assets are protected

Whether you require a simple, standalone alarm or a complex intruder detection system, we provide our clients with a vast range of system options to ensure  the correct solution is installed to secure the home or business premises.

All systems installed have the feature of being controlled via smart device applications, providing remote access from anywhere that has an internet or 4G signal. Using encrypted connections, systems can be armed / unarmed remotely and receive email / message notifications for detections and system events.

By installing an intruder alarm the chances of becoming a victim of crime is significantly reduced, alarm systems are not only reliable when called on, but act as a perfect visual & sound deterrent.

Solutions we provide

  • Intruder Alarm Systems

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  • Stand Alone Or Multi Site Systems

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  • Maintain

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  • Detection Formats

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  • Site Monitoring

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  • Audio Alerts

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  • Vacent / Void Property Systems

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