We provide access control packages tailor made to your requirements.

When running a site or business, keeping your staff / visitors, assets and premises secure will be a top priority. Using an access control system alongside a physical barrier such as a turnstile or magnetic door lock is the most efficient way not only prevent unauthorized entry but also a great tool to administrate staff / contractors via a vast range of reports that access control systems feature. Ensuring all data collected such as time and attendance is stored safely and backed up is also a vital part of ensuring you’re keeping in line with todays GDPR code of conduct. With an access control system all this is taken care of for you.

In areas where there is a large flow of people and a more discreet security solution is required, entrance gates or speed lanes are ideal.

For a higher level of security, full-height turnstiles and security revolving doors are more appropriate. Both of these options allows authorised individuals to pass through quickly and unhindered, via a glance of the face, placement of finger or presenting a proximity token or card to a reader. All of these formats provide you with the means to keep unauthorised individuals out and those working within in site, safe.

Solutions we provide

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Time & Attendance

Local Labour

Workforce Travel (Co2)

CITB CSCS Statistics

Substance Abuse Selector

Medical Information Report

Community Social Responsibility

Apprentice Reports

New Joiner Details

Excessive Working Hours

Language Reports

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